Orange warranty products

Dear consumer, while thanking you for your good choice in order to increase the warranty period of the device from one year to two years and to activate the orange warranty with the special privilege of unlimited number of services during two years, please send the serial number and purchase invoice of the device to the SMS system. And send the company’s WhatsApp number to 00982166705010.

Orange warranty = 2 years warranty + unlimited number of services

Winner product warranty

– Due to the non-issuance of a duplicate until the expiration date, be careful in keeping the warranty card.

– The warranty service for the repair of parts and the repair fee is based on the opinion of a technical expert and does not include the concept of replacing the device.

Out of warranty items

– Failure due to improper use (unlike the items listed in the product manual)
– Damage caused by power fluctuations and excessive pressure to the device and non-standard accessories
– Failure to include the purchase date and store seal in the warranty card
– Manipulation of the device by people other than Winner repairmen
– Changing or distorting the serial number or other contents of the warranty card
– Any damage to the body of the device, including scratches, dents, breaks, and equipment shortages